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The Pilot Point Mighty Bearcat Marching Band


Mighty Bearcat Band Members
The Biggest Mighty Bearcat Band EVER!!

Leadership Team
Drum Majors

Marshall Hennagir
Diana Ramirez
Noemi Alejos 

Section Leaders:
 Flute -
Erika Rodriguez, Yessenia Hernandez, Natalya Salmeron 

Clarinet -  
Serina Guerrero & Erin Isaguirre

  All Saxophones -  
Bennett Cory, Neida Franco &  Autumn Gurney

High Brass 
Nestor Villarreal & Zay Young

 Low Brass -  
Kyle LeMarr & Jason Knight

Battery Section Leaders -
Ely Bielefeldt
Frontline Section Leader -
Andi Anderson & Kaylen Stewart
 Equipment Manager
Marshall Hennagir & Andi Anderson 

 Color-guard Captains -
Joselina Cervantes, Hannah Morrow, and Taryn Scott 

Historian & Librarian
Michaela Cope & Cindy Hernandez

Social Chair
Delilah Rodriguez
Sara Tullis
Angie Villanueva

Loading Crew

ALL Percussion

Student Membership


Noemi Alejos
Melisa Castorena
Andrea Chavez
Journie David
Karla Garcia
Yessenia Hernandez
Yeneby Labrada
Carasgray Lucas
Jessica Martinez
Mattisyn Rodriguez
Delilah Rodriguez
Erika Rodriguez
Victoria Salmeron
Natalya Salmeron
Noemi Sardina
Shannon Taylor
Angie Villanueva



Gian Aguirre
Jaquelin Arreguin
Haylee Brennan
Nancy Contreras
Michaela Cope
Serina Guerrero
Cindy Hernandez
Carmen Isaguirre
Erin Isaguirre
Jazlyne Mendoza
Andy Montes
Julie Munoz
Gilbert Nieves
Diana Ramirez
Kayli Rodriguez
Vanessa Servin
Sara Tullis
Isiah Willis

Bass Clarinet


Jessamyn Ascenio

Trinity Toshach

Alto Sax

Debanhi Castorena
Bennett  Cory
Neida Franco
Autmn Gurney
Ethan Scott
Crystal Vasquez
Ayleen Vicencio

Tenor Sax


 Dulcy Alonso
Julisa Arreguin
Deaken Kizer

Bari Sax


Jayden Adams

Jackson Norris



Alex Castillo Dominguez
Everette Diaz-Chavez
Ruben Juarez
Kevin Martinez
Jadein Nanez
Jesus Ramirez
Ulises Sanchez
Alessandro Sarabia
Christian  Sheeder
Nestor Villarreal
Zay Young

French Horn


 JR Hernandez
Lucian Morris
Kylee Owen
Kate Pool



Kevin Castro-Rodriguez
Brooke Graney
Marshall Hennagir
Cohen Howard
Trigo Jaral
Jason Knight
Ceasar Rodriguez
Alex Sanchez
Juan Segundo
Caide Ware
Carson Wheeler


Luis Castillo
Rylee LeMarr
Kyle Lemarr
Kelber Santos
Kennedy Wall


Nathaniel Berry
Jose Cervantes
Arthur Laman
Austin McKellar


Emma Anderson
Ely Bielefeldt
Paulo Chavez
Daniel Chavez
Vanessa Escalante
Roman Funck
Bridget Hardwick
Gracyn Lott
David Mendoza

Orlin Sarmiento Contreras
Cooper Southard
Kaylen Stewart


Alexia Bann
Lorelai Banta-Tapp
Emily Castorena
Julisa Cervantes
Joselina Cervantes
Lincoln Ferguson
Jeremey Griffin
Emily Miranda
Carmen Montanez
Hannah Morrow
Maddie Paxton
Taryn Scott
Amber Serano
Rachel Smith
Jaylyn Traylor
Finn White
Amber Morris
Kendra Light  

PPHS 2023

Drumline & Frontline


Ely Bielefeldt 

Roman Funck


David Mendoza

Bass Drums::

Cooper Southard - Bass 1

Daniel Chavez - Bass 2

Paulo Chavez - Bass 3

Front Ensemble:

Kaylen Stewart - Marimba / Bass /

Andi Anderson - Marimba / Tenors

Graycn Lot - Vibes / Bass

Bridgett - Xylophone / Snare

Orlin Sarmiento Contreras - Rack / Cymbals

Vanessa Escalante - Synthesizer / Bass

Band 2021.jpg

Latest News!

The 2023 PPHS Summer Band information has posted!

Click here for important information!


The Link above will take you to the google drive for students to fill out required forms and have a check list for Summer Band

Do you need New Shoes?

All Freshman and new HS Band students will need to order shoes via the band form on the drive.

Assignment Grades

This year, students will be required to upload recordings for Chair Tests and Music Checks through Charms.   Click on the following link to find out more!

PPHS Band Assignments
(All recording need to be uploaded through Charms)

Login to Charms and you can record directly through app.  Go to Assignments,  click on the one you are recording, and record.   You can upload as many times as you want for the best recording

PPHS Summer Band Starts in:

Wednesday, July 26th, 2023 @ 8:30AM!

See you at the PPHS Band Hall for the 2023 Summer Band Camp!!

UIL Marching Show!

The Music will post soon.   In the mean time,  check out the show reveal!!



If you don't know the password,  send a message to Mr. Balkema and he will send you the password to login!

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