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PPHS Color-guard /  Winterguard


Congratulations to our PPHS Winterguard on a successful season!


2024 Winterguard Show

PPHS 2023-2024
Colorguard members 

This will be our biggest Colorguard EVER

Colorguard Instructor

Ms. Masri

Alexia Bann
Lorelai Banta-Tapp
Emily Castorena
Julisa Cervantes
Jeremey Griffin

Amber Morris
Rachel Smith
Gabby Anderson

Kendra Light
Carmen Montanez
Maddie Paxton
Emily Miranda
Finn White

Amber Serano
Joselina Cervantes
Hannah Morrow
Taryn Scott

Italicized and Bold Denotes
This year's
Colorguard Captains

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