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PPHS Band Grading Policy

The PPHS Band Grading Policy is outlined in the PPHS Band Handbook found on Pg.6.  The following is pulled from that page:

Six weeks grades are based on the following percentages:

60%:  Major Grades

  • All Concerts

  • All Contests

  • Solo & Ensemble Contest

  • Chair Tests and any performance exam


40%:  Minor Grades

  • Sectionals / Rehearsal outside of Class

  • Locker checks

  • Practice time – 100 minutes a week.

  • Class participation

    • Includes bringing needed materials everyday to class

    • Attitude

    • Work ethic


(If zero’s are present,  students will be encouraged to follow the School policy in regard to making up missed assignment and will have three days to make up the assignment per school policy)


Make Up Assignment


It is the sole responsibility of the student to make up any work for a missed assignment.    If a student misses an assignment, he/she must come talk to Mr. Balkema no later than the day after the missed assignment to receive the makeup assignment.   Assignments given will reflect the type of grade the original assignment was to be.   Please understand that most of the grades that are representative in Band are grades that are earned outside of the traditional class time.  It is incredibly difficult to make up, for example, a missed football game / performance.   So, the makeup assignment will most likely be a written form of grade makeup.


Students are encouraged to NOT miss graded assignments and to Communicate, COMMUNICATE, and COMMUNICATE!!!

PPHS Band Grading Rubric

Students will be required throughout the year to upload recordings through charms for grading.   This is a way students can do the assignment / chair test at home.   They may record as many times as they would like and use the best performance for grade.   The rubric is above and will be utilized for grading.

Assignments will be uploaded in charms and emailed out to students.   They will have a deadline of completion.   Students can use any mobile device or computer that has a microphone to record and upload straight to Charms.  

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